Ndololo Safari Camp


Ndololo safari camp enjoys one of the most spectacular sceneries in Tsavo East. Kenya’s preserved game renowned for it's concentration of diverse wildlife and home to the fabled “Man Eaters of Tsavo.

The luxurious tended camp lies on the broad, thickly forested banks of Voi River in Tsavo East National park. It's accessible throughout the year by all weather roads and is located 7km from Voi gate, 63km from Buchama gate and 36km from Manyani gate.


This exclusive camp offers 20 luxurious, well-spaced tents each self contained with a Verandah and bedroom. Some of the tents have single, double and triple bed's to cater for different tastes. All are furnished in a classic blend of ancient and modern, rich African fine hand carved olive wood furniture, with modern amenities.

The camp offers unsuited facilities fully equipped kitchen, dining room where well prepared and delicious cuisine is served and a well equipped bar serving a variety of drinks. Bush barbeques are also served. The reception center offers a variety of African curios, books and momentos.

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The indigenous forests around the camp are home to the big five wild animal's, including the elephant's, the buffalo's, the rhino's, the lion's and the leopard's. The environmental are also frequented by ostrich's, zebra's, giraffe's and many more safari animals, while the trees are filled with melodies of a wide variety of birds. All these enriched endowments.

“….our desire is to give something back to Africa by making sure that the camp blends into its landscape…”

“…The indigenous materials ensure that the camps environment remains sacrosanct…”

After checking in from the evening game drive, visitors take supper at the camp where they share the rich history of Tsavo National Park, the stories of famous man eaters of Tsavo, African culture and general information on Kenya with the very experienced staff of the camp. Visitors are also instructed on safety measures while they are at the camp.

“…Your African dreams are sparked in one evening around a camp fire under the majestic night sky…”

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Ndololo Safari Camp
Ndololo safari camp enjoys one of the most Spectacular sceneries in Tsavo East. Kenya’s
preserved game renowned for its concentration of diverse wildlife and home to the fabled “Man Eaters of Tsavo... read more >>
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